The guitar in tango / WORKSHOP

Sebastian Henriquez, author of the method “The guitar in tango” offers this intensive course to work on the fundamental tools of this exciting music


We will do it through the zoom app. We will do 3 blocks of 40 minutes with a break of 5 between each block, for each class. All the course and the material provided will be in English.


Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. Arg (GMT -3) starting on Thursday, June 17.


in this intensive workshop we will focus on the FUNDAMENTAL TOOLS

marcatos / sincopas / 332
Long Accent / Short Accent
FRASEO / open / close / extended


60 USD
Only via Paypal. The entire workshop has a cost of 60 US dollars and includes:
4 lessons
4 lessons of 2 hours each
Support material
support material in pdf specially prepared for the course
Personalized feedback on 1 homework / piece during the course

“While guitar has an iconic place in most music that has emerged in the New World, there may be no spot more mysterious than the guitarist’s chair in tango music. In this amazingly comprehensive book, Sebastián Henríquez takes us deep into one of the most unusual and beautiful applications of this endlessly malleable instrument.”

Pat Metheny

¡Join us!


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